Monday, November 28, 2011

A finish

Another finish 

Cheers Marc

Sunday, November 27, 2011


 Saturday afternoon saw DH and I hang some prints that have been ordered 9 months ago and finally  arrived yesterday morning DH and I went over to a surrounding town and collected them.
What a hoot............we giggled and carry on so much........ DH thought he knew best and I thought I would have the last say.............but eventually the prints did find their way to the wall.....

The wall started off so blank and lonely

Unfortunately the photos have a bit of refection when I snapped them for show and tell

DH is watching golf on TV ....... I not a golf fan so I will   ........ sew the binding down on a quilt and keep him company
have a great day   ..............cheers Marc

Rain and yes more rain

Saturday morning, started off with the lovely sound of rain pelting down the roof, therefore the day was not going to be promising for the washing so, enjoyed a nice breakfast early with DH.
then headed off to the local library to pick up a few books I had on the  reverse list.....
but silly me got there at 9am  and the library did not open till 9.30, so took a few photos of the rain
picked up my books....... got home just in time to received a phone call from a another shop from another town, that my pictures had arrived ( I had ordered over 9 months ago)...... so headed off to another surrounding town............... but due to a fatal accident, DH and I along with many other road users............ where redirected............. I hate that gut feeling you get when you hear .... the word fatal. 

Spent the rest of the day, reading, cooking and putting the new pictures on a blank wall

until next time - take care   Marc

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Up late last night

Had a late one last night ............started this book on my way down to Adelaide (DH was driving) and read a bit more on the way home.................needed to now what happens so had to finish it

The Reversal
Mickey Haller and Harry Bosch together take on a seemingly unwinnable case in Michael Connelly's latest blistering bestseller

Hopefully this weekend  to start on these lovely fabrics from Hetties, not sure what pattern I am going to use
but I remember on Monday when I walked into Hetties I could hear these fabrics calling buy me buy me

Fabric line - puttin on the ritz
Well now I have to get ready for work ............. to pay for my buy me buy me moments  .......chuckle

have a great day

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

sale and goodies and a secret

Had Monday off from Work, headed off to Adelaide for an appointment. Left early in the morning so had to stop at Munno Para for a break (chuckle)..... of course what does one need to do... but call into spotlights...
Great day for a stop at Spotlight was a SALE ....... 30% off all stock on hand........... gathered a few things 

Wadding...  Quilting pins....  Cotton..... Blades and a nice fabric pack

Had to wait for 45 minutes to get served as I was not the only one getting bargains
While waiting you get to meet so many nice people  in the queue and have chats

One of the customers have (2) trolleys full of bolt fabric   a couple of us in the queue counted 36 bolts of fabric to be cut,,,,,,,,the lady was only buying a metre or two from each roll of fabric
a few customers left leaving there goods on the floor ...... lucky for me and another lady we where lucky enough to get their tickets to get served a little faster............. 45 minutes was long enough

I was also lucky that I was not running late to get to my appointment

later that day before heading home called into Hettie ........just love that shop
and the lovely ladies in the shop just make you feel so special  (will have a show and tell next post)on my purchase at Hetties

 When  I got home late  that evening worked on my Secret Christmas Swap

A small show and tell

Well  off to get some other items finished in my Christmas swap  ......... Until next time  Marc

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The last few days

After work Friday night called into the local library and picked up a kindle to read,
got a bit hooked and read 80% of a book Friday night.
Saturday up early, head down bum up got stuck into the domestic things, it reached approx 36degrees in the Riverland so the washing did not take long to dry and the ironing was done before lunchtime. 
spent Saturday afternoon in my room space in the home
Clean up a cupboard in the room and came across some fabric I have had for several years,I am sure  you could all share that feeling (chuckle)

One of the items was a honey bum roll
one and a half inch strips
and a roll of Christmas Fabrics ............ cannot remember how long along I purchased the roll of Christmas fabric????

So quick and easy sewing the pre cut strips together, but
unfortunately in the Riverland we do not have a quilt shop as such,
so I will have to wait until the next  trip to Adelaide to match a fabric to put round the squares and a another fabric to use for borders.
The fabric is a fig tree line, so I am not holding my breathe to find a shop with the range of fabric  still in store so will have to match fabrics as close as possible.

DH had to work late on a community event in the Riverland and did not get home until after 10pm so while I was HOME ALONE  I finished my book on the Kindle and started another one.
Then had a late evening meal with DH when he got home, he was a bit tired, I sat up and watch a late night movie before retiring

Sunday saw another early start, cooked DH breakfast, then he went to his Sister's to help move some furniture out of storage into her new home.

I cut the roll of Christmas fabric

into tumbler shapes

it is such a beautiful day in the Riverland today, DH got home mid afternoon, and we spent the day, chatting and relaxing outside.  

hopefully I will have time next weekend to sew the tumbler Christmas fabric together
Until next post hope you all take care ..................cheers marc