Sunday, November 22, 2015

One down ...

A few weeks ago I had this boost of energy and clean my cupboards out in my quilt room ..... And Ta da found not one ..... Not two .... And not three .... But eleven quilt tops..... So over the next few months I have made a goal to get them quilted .... Got one back this morning.... Looking forward to late this evening doing the binding.... As today was spent helping DH with a few outside jobs around the yard.....

If all goes well and my back and legs are not to stiff from playing the garden /landscape guru (chuckle) may have a quilt to show? Until then cheers Marc


Saturday, October 24, 2015

A small finish

Remember is piece of fabric from the previous blog.... Received from the lovely Kate in a recent together this lovely Cinderberry stitchery


Gone from this to that


Enjoy your Saturday afternoon .... Cheers Marc


Sunday, October 18, 2015

Since the last

Since the last post Photo was not the best .... Just thought I would share (model) the socks I received from Kate in the FHFSwap.... Just so soft and comfortable ..... Basically gorgeous..... Once again thanks Kate

Also in Kate's lovely swap gifts was this nice piece of fabric

Last evening started a stitchery to colour co ordinate with the pink in the fabric

So today got the basics out the way .....what else can a girl do. .... mmmm let me think .... ?

Enjoy you day..... Cheers Marc


Friday, October 16, 2015

So much talent

For quiet awhile now I have been checking out Kate blog and been amazed how talented Kate is especially her knitting so when a parcel arrived at my place just after 9pm last evening .... Well one can only say the following ...... So gorgeous ( unfortunately like most of my photography the photo doesn't do the items any justice)

As a member of a online swap the theme was felt or wool

Fab .... Homemade socks .... Fabric.... Scissors.... Sweets.... Chocolate .... Thread keeper
So spoil

So you can not image the thrill when I open my parcel ..... Just awesome .... Massive thank you Kate

Thanks to Peg and Shez for organising our swaps



Saturday, October 10, 2015

Has been awhile

Since my last post......

Life the last few weeks seems to be set at ..... Go go and more go......

I have spent the last two weeks in Adelaide with DH looking after three grandchildren

Aged 4 - 3 - eighteen months while mum and dad had a well deserved break

While their break also included the lovely couple getting married - finally

Great surprise ( I must admit I was not totally surprised mother's instinct was at work)

While the two weeks with the grandees was pleasant and very exhausting I am looking forward to Monday back to work for a holiday.... Kind of forget how time consuming and tiring little ones can be.

During this period in Adelaide my eldest son and daughter in law added another addition to the clan.

Together with dear hubby we are pleased to announce another grandson .... Both mum and junior are doing great ..... Wow has things chanced since I had my boys ---- baby son Friday home on Saturday morning

So on my way home late Yesterday called into Spotlight and picked up some light weight flannel fabric and this afternoon spent time binding the edges

Also as a member of a online group FHFS

This parcel is wrapped and sent to .......?


Until next time. Cheers marc


Sunday, July 26, 2015

Part two Christmas in July

Firstly big thanks to Cheryll. For playing the swap goddess

I was spoilt by Deb in this swap ..... Nice to get lovely gifts for fellow online friends.... So to Deb thank you for the lovely gifts

Lovely stitchery in a fab fame

Nice pre printed stitchery by Annie (Hatched and Patched)

What a great idea gorgeous heart made from buttons (very clever)

Very nice size pin cushion in my colour tones


Even the parcels where gift wrapped so stylish ...... Thanks once again Deb

Until next time take care cheers Marc


Christmas in July swap

Cheryll .... The swap goddess once again put in place " Christmas in July Swap"

This is what I sent to Michell

A bag with a motivation message together with a fabric basket, note book, 3 fat quarters and some chocolates

Apron...tea towels.... Oven mitten... Cook book ....measuring cups and chocolate

Small bag filled with goodies

Cheers Marc


Friday, July 24, 2015

From Fiona

Wow is a nice feeling when you get a parcel in the mail..... Dear Fiona has made my day look what I received in the online ruler cover  swap.
  The stitching is so neat and the colours choices are just so ME

Very clever ..... Holds two size rulers 12 half in the back and a 6 half in the front
Cute little bag with a mouse on the front and a lovely thread catcher together with a block of delicious chocolate that only just made it into the photo. Big hug to Fiona and a BIG thank  you
   Until next time my fellow FHFS partners . Take care Marc

Sunday, July 5, 2015

This is on it's way to

Gee you didn't think I was going to tell you who was going to receive this parcel.... I along with other lovely online friends are participating in a swap "Christmas in July " so this parcel is on it's way

Guess what my photo has disappeared from my photo file so No photo

But it was nice wrapping paper.

Monday, June 29, 2015

a little surprise at the local post office

Having just left the local post office to send a swap item overseas.... I was a little surprised that Australia Post  is not a cheap way to send a quilting swap......
you are restricted to 2kg for the basic rate and anything over that is a added cost so having finished my items for a swap...  I was a bit surprised when my parcel was 100 grams over the 2kg  limit and cost just under  $50.00 Australia Dollars to mail.
So sad as this added cost will most probably reduced the spirit of participating in swaps with overseas fellow quilters.

   have a great day   - cheers marc

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

dancing dolls

 Sending out a help me blog ...... I am looking for this pattern, if any of you lovely online friends know where this pattern or book  is available from  I would appreciate your help.
cheers marc

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Change is a good as a holiday ?

Love hand piecing so thought I would have a bit of a change, what else can one do when one can't sleep?   As my ipad sits on my bedside table.... early hours this morning as one could not get to sleep, I went a browsing and came across a pattern or two in paper piecing .
So of course I waited until the sun was peering into the bedroom before placing an order
not that I will be expecting the order via Australia Post  to be here anytime so.
It seems to be quick to receive items overseas then within Australia mail service.
Vintage Stars - Everyday Quilts - Sandra Boyle Bring Me Flowers Booklet by Jen Kingwell Designs

Don't you just love these patterns (one way to get a use for those small scrappy pieces of fabric)
The weather in Sunny Riverland is freezing...cold ...chilly and Icy....nothing I can do about that.... one of things I don't have a say in  (weather) (chuckle) When I walk just after 6am each morning I look like the Michelin man all my layers of clothes
Image result for michelin man

Until next time  - keep safe  - Marc


Friday, May 29, 2015

One of nine

Eight to go .......

Enjoy your Friday cheers Marc


Sunday, May 24, 2015

What and where have I been

Firstly I have spent the last 14 days home yes that's right home..... Why you might wonder well I had and you might still say have the dreaded flu..... Not nice. So as I had a few balls of wool in my stash I started crocheting a quick thick blanket on and off when I was not coughing or sleeping.... Very simple and basic knee rug kept me warm as I was crocheting


So ladies I have a bit of catching up to do ...... In the home and at work but first got to get my priorities right first off to organise the evening meal then watch pol dark on -ABC Until next time cheers Marc