Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Swap received

The last swap co ordinated by lovely Maree - Lets Stitch Together group arrived a few days ago from the lovely Shez
Unfortunately due to other commitments this is the first opportunity I have had to sit down and post the lovely gifts I received  from Shez and boy o boy was I spoilt
There is one still wrapped sitting under the tree and of course this parcel will have to wait for Christmas morning ----- I cannot really wait to see what Shez has created
But I very good ----- I will wait?

But just look what I did open
Something for the Christmas Tree
Something for the sewing room
Something to eat
Something to make
Something to read
And last something for under the tree

Watch this space
Ha ha you like me will have to wait for Christmas morning for the Show and Tell photo
Thanks to Maree for her years of co ordinating swaps and to Shez for the lovely gifts

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thursday, November 20, 2014


My local Tuesday evening quilt group swap theme was friends

We swapped seven gifts last Tuesday evening, each item was based on each letter ...... FRIENDS

So the following is what I made for my swap partner

(F). Fabric bucket with five fat quarters and a freddo frog

(R) Reversible bag with road trip lunch bag and red frogs

(I) inspirational quote on a note book and interesting items

(E) everyday stitching bag with thread holder and needle case in elephant theme material and bag of elcairs

(N) Notions bag with. Extra notions goodies and nougat bar

(D) Dashing dog door draft stopper and decorative clips ( one of the items could be purchased )

(S) Stitching bag with seven scrap strips and snakes

Finally a group photo. Chuckle

Will show and tell another day what I receive

Have a great day. Cheers. Marc


Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday so far ......

Has been so relaxing..... A nice walk early this morning ..... A couple of domestic duties out the way.... As Bathurst is on today and DH not wanting a great deal of attention I have spent time in my sewing room

Started a stitchery last Friday evening and finished it late last night....

So today turn into this

Now off to make a cuppa and watch mid summer murders on ABC .... Then I might think about a evening meal

Cheers marc



Saturday, October 11, 2014


Well almost wordless ...... Cheers marc


Thursday, October 2, 2014

Hoot hoots

Remember a couple of blog entries back I had purchased some owl fabric and thought I might incorporate one of Cinderberry owl pattern .......

From this

To this. Front

Back in inside has several pockets

A needle case to go with it

Have a great day cheers marc


Monday, September 29, 2014

Nice end to a day in the office

Don't you just love it when you get home from work and there is a surprise in the mail

I was one of the lucky recipient in the celebration Of Cheryll �� Blogoversary giveaway

I'm so happy the fabrics are gorgeous ....... Sending big thankyou Cheryll

Cheers marc


Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Wow i had a parcel to pick up yesterday from the post office and it was from th lovely Lyn

As members of an online Lets get stitched pamper swap, we were to stitch a design that Maree had picked out from Gail Pan's book and incorporate onto a bag with the theme pamper

Not only did the parcel have this gorgeous bag, it was also included goodies

Coffee sticks and chocolates - lovely soap hand cream and body powder- sweet note pad and pen- so sweet cup and saucer - great book (sorry the photo is not the best)

Boy was i spoilt or what,i am feeling very pampered,thankyou so much Lyn. for all my lovely pamper gifts and also a big thankyou to Maree for a wonderful swap. Hugs Marc


Sunday, September 21, 2014

It was worth the trip

Thursday saw a me day.... I had a day of from work and what better way to spend the day the weather was so nice I drove to a quilt in the Mallee(Karoonda) about hour and half drive from my home.

The quilt shop currently has a sale on part of my purchases on the day was these lovely Japanese fabrics this afternoon as my to do list is up to date I going to incorporate a pattern from Cinderberry stitches book Cotton Floss by Natalie Lymer enjoy your Sunday cheers Marc





Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Must get book

Having recently purchased this Wonderful Book, My mind has been going in all sorts of directions
a great book for creating projects for my two grand- daughters
Cotton Floss by Cinderberry Stitches
Have a great day   ----Marc

Monday, September 8, 2014

Around the world Blog Hop

 Naomi asked me if I would participate in the Around the world Blog Hop.

So before I go any further I guess I will let you know a few facts about myself.
I am a Virgo - Virgo's are highly  intelligent (chuckle), interested in everything and everyone and happy to be busy with sometimes many jobs and hobbies on the go. Many Virgo's are good with their hands. Their nit-picking ways can infuriate their family and colleagues (another large chuckle )

Like so many of us I juggle many roles - Wife, Mother, Mother-in-law and grandmother
I am very lucky to have an understanding and easy going Husband, two handsome sons and 4 grandchildren

My favourite colour - well their are so many, but I can tell you I don't like brights.

I have a bit of a fetish for shoes

I collect hearts ( I know that sounds a bit weird) I have many though out the home ... dust collectors as my family would say.

Now it is time to get on with the official blog hop
I have some questions to answer now, as part of the hop:-----
(1) What Am I working on?
I am currently once again like most of us working on several things at the same time
Thimble Blossoms - Red Letter Day Quilt
Roasalie Quinlan _ Scandinavian Rose
Several small items from Gail Pan - Patchwork Love Embroidery Book
Helen Stubbings - Table Runner from Simply Applique
(2)  How does my work differ from others of it's genre?
I have absolutely no idea if my work does differ from others, I am just doing what I like and enjoy doing
(3) Why do I create what I do?
Quilting, patchwork and Stitcheries to me have no defined or distinctive rules. One can make what one wants and how one wants, You can follow a pattern or simply make or alter the pattern as you go along. You can use a single or multiple  threads or fabric or someone else's fabric (chuckle) and basically in the end ( just like a mystery tour) you will have created a quilt or item that is completely unique and in the end a expression of oneself.
I personally find my creative side gives me the opportunity to get lost, in my own space, slows me down for the everyday environment,  and allows me to get a me result that I can share and give a bit of me to my  family and friends
(4) How does my writing- creating process work
It may start with a pattern, fabric, thread colour or a idea from my surroundings.
I do like to plan a project in my head and then go for it, I will admit that nearly all the time I run out of fabric half way through a project therefore my journey takes a different path. I don't have great expectations, as in the end it will work out and after all don't we like seeing where the journey takes us?
Really it all is about just having fun.
The End
I am suppose to link to three more quilters to keep this going but I am not linking to anyone specifically. Instead if you would like to join in, please feel free to start your own
Around the World Bog Post
Cheers Marc

Sunday, August 31, 2014

some me time

As earlier on this week i had ordered a few stitchery books and unfortunately now over a week since the order was placed still no post for me by the end of last week.

Therefore was else can a girl do but ..... Saturday saw the domestic goddess was out to play if you can call washing Ironing dusting etc playing.

Today (Sunday ) was the opportunity for some me time so made a couple of itemLs. to put in the gift box


Note book cover



Notebook cover and a sewing roll. Until next time Marc


Saturday, August 30, 2014

On its way to?.....

Lets get Stitched swap theme was pamper, the guidelines for this swap was to incorporate a stitchery from Gail Pan on the front of a gift bag and included a few items to pamper your swap partner

So this parcel is on its way to

More show and tell once my partner has received the parcel

Enjoy your evening. Cheers Marc


Monday, August 4, 2014

Christmas in July swap in reverse

As from my last post this is what I made and sent to Raewyn, for the Christmas in July swap
Cheers Ma