Thursday, April 24, 2014

Not funny

Not funny .... i just finished doing the last blog entry ( in my lunch break outside on a park bench) and a young man walked past " Hi looks like you are having fun their" my response "well I am having a moment" and explained what I was trying to accomplish on my IPad ... that quite soon my recent purchase might be doing a bungee of the local bridge without a rope.  Then within less than 30 seconds He pushes a few button's  and pesto I now have a photo on my ANZAC entry..... grr..... 30 seconds later He shows me how it is done and walks away with a huge smile on his face.... I did offer to take him out for lunch.... but his response was.... not today  my girlfriends with me over there  and she gets jealous ( chuckle)       Well I am happy
cheers marc

oops and I am trying

As you can see from the previous blog entry the photo is missing, I have since last Thursday ... I purchased a ipad.... might be having second thoughts at the moment about that purchase (chuckle)
I having been creating several blog entries and then deleting .... I will keep trying... so I am apologising  for the poor blog entry. no photo's make the blog look so boring (chuckle)
I have not been bloggong a lot lately, most of my current creations have been secrect squirrel items therfore show and tell on these will be down the track a bit.... Until next time if anyone is travelling over the next few days travel safe   cheers Marc

Lest we forget


The day we commemorate our diggers it is a day to give  thanks for their service and remember those who died defending our freedom

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Lets Stitch Together the other way

Lets Stitch Together  online swap
as mentioned in the last post ...... this is what I made and  sent Carol (no blog)



with a few goodies
sorry about the ratting looking entry ...... on my way out the door ..... cheers Marc 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Lets Stitch together online swap


This is the lovely swap item I received in the mail last night it was stocked with sewing notions enclosed together with chocolates thank you so much to Tarnyia for my lovely parcel and a big thank you to Maree who set a challenge for the group to think  outside the square with this swap as we had to use a specific Gail Pan design and create a sewing all.    Cheers Marc

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine Swap

My Valentine swap from Sue thanks to Samelia for organising this swap   cheers marc

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Pink and green are taking a trip

to my guru queen to be embellished

cheers Marc

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Where is the time going only seems like yesterday that our first grandchild was born and today he is Three

Cheers Marc

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pink and Green

It's a start more later  cheers Marc

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Weekend was spent sorting out the sewing room
Like most of us I had a few piles of fabric, that where just not enough to make a larger project so, I made a few bags and small baby quilts
here is one
have a great day  cheers Marc

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Australia Day Swap

I participated  in Jewell's swap for Australia Day. My partner, Kaye sent me very useful gifts.
Kaye has been very clever with her gift choices and generous too.
A       Australian Spices
U        Unstarted Project Kit 
S        Scissors and Scissors Fob
T       Tin of Shortbread
R        Rose Bookmark
A       Address Book
L        List Pad
I         Initial (M) light holder
A       Assortment of fabric

with a lovely touch of Australia Darrell Lollies
Sending big hugs to Kaye and Julie (Jewells)

My swap Partner was  Tracy

I came up with the following
A  Aussie BBQ Pack and Aussie Quiz and Colouring Pack
U Useful Fabric
S String Bag and Shopping list Pad
T  Trim and cards with the theme T on them
    (trees, thongs, tomcat, teddy bear . teapot)
R Rosalie Quinlan Patterns
A Apron
L Lollies in a attractive thread catcher
I Ice tray and Icy Pole Containers
A Angle stitcheries Angel fabric and hanger
Until till next time    - cheers Marc

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


After serious consideration, I wish to inform you that our
Friendship Contract has been renewed for 2014

Never undervalue anyone
Keep each friend safe in your heart

Because one day you may realise
and notice that you've lost a diamond,
while you were too busy collecting stones
Have a great day Cheers Marc


Sunday, January 5, 2014

Grand daughter

Granddaughter's first  birthday ...had to share the photo a rare photo from her birthday party where the toy was a bit more interesting then the wrapping
Enjoy your day

so quick and easy.....

My dearest Sister, put in a request for a baby quilt as her partner in mid January is flying to England to meet his new head down .
One cot size quilt ------ one small quilt and from the scraps one bag
So it's a wrap for Friday night and Saturday off to do some secret swap items for a swap due in the next few weeks....... hope you are all enjoying your weekend    cheers Marc

Friday, December 27, 2013

I was spoilt ......

Six Items swap partner was the very talented and creative swap organiser  Maree 
the parcels arrived in colour coordinated wrapping, ribbons and divine gift tags

 Something to smell
fab soap and lovely festive hand towel
 Something  for the Sewing Room
I was really spoilt
so many goodies
notions - just so me fat quarters -pattern - scissors -  buttons all in a handmade beautiful
chair arm saddle

Something to Read ...... Maree is just so thoughtful love both books

Something to Eat   ....... A very cheerful cup with some nice jam and choc bear all embraced in a beautiful tea towel
Something for the Tree
very nice decorations

Something for Under the Christmas Tree
Maree is so creative and talented
Just gorgeous

Sending big Hugs and Thank you to Maree for adding to my Festive Season
Cheers Marc