Sunday, September 21, 2014

It was worth the trip

Thursday saw a me day.... I had a day of from work and what better way to spend the day the weather was so nice I drove to a quilt in the Mallee(Karoonda) about hour and half drive from my home.

The quilt shop currently has a sale on part of my purchases on the day was these lovely Japanese fabrics this afternoon as my to do list is up to date I going to incorporate a pattern from Cinderberry stitches book Cotton Floss by Natalie Lymer enjoy your Sunday cheers Marc





Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Must get book

Having recently purchased this Wonderful Book, My mind has been going in all sorts of directions
a great book for creating projects for my two grand- daughters
Cotton Floss by Cinderberry Stitches
Have a great day   ----Marc

Monday, September 8, 2014

Around the world Blog Hop

 Naomi asked me if I would participate in the Around the world Blog Hop.

So before I go any further I guess I will let you know a few facts about myself.
I am a Virgo - Virgo's are highly  intelligent (chuckle), interested in everything and everyone and happy to be busy with sometimes many jobs and hobbies on the go. Many Virgo's are good with their hands. Their nit-picking ways can infuriate their family and colleagues (another large chuckle )

Like so many of us I juggle many roles - Wife, Mother, Mother-in-law and grandmother
I am very lucky to have an understanding and easy going Husband, two handsome sons and 4 grandchildren

My favourite colour - well their are so many, but I can tell you I don't like brights.

I have a bit of a fetish for shoes

I collect hearts ( I know that sounds a bit weird) I have many though out the home ... dust collectors as my family would say.

Now it is time to get on with the official blog hop
I have some questions to answer now, as part of the hop:-----
(1) What Am I working on?
I am currently once again like most of us working on several things at the same time
Thimble Blossoms - Red Letter Day Quilt
Roasalie Quinlan _ Scandinavian Rose
Several small items from Gail Pan - Patchwork Love Embroidery Book
Helen Stubbings - Table Runner from Simply Applique
(2)  How does my work differ from others of it's genre?
I have absolutely no idea if my work does differ from others, I am just doing what I like and enjoy doing
(3) Why do I create what I do?
Quilting, patchwork and Stitcheries to me have no defined or distinctive rules. One can make what one wants and how one wants, You can follow a pattern or simply make or alter the pattern as you go along. You can use a single or multiple  threads or fabric or someone else's fabric (chuckle) and basically in the end ( just like a mystery tour) you will have created a quilt or item that is completely unique and in the end a expression of oneself.
I personally find my creative side gives me the opportunity to get lost, in my own space, slows me down for the everyday environment,  and allows me to get a me result that I can share and give a bit of me to my  family and friends
(4) How does my writing- creating process work
It may start with a pattern, fabric, thread colour or a idea from my surroundings.
I do like to plan a project in my head and then go for it, I will admit that nearly all the time I run out of fabric half way through a project therefore my journey takes a different path. I don't have great expectations, as in the end it will work out and after all don't we like seeing where the journey takes us?
Really it all is about just having fun.
The End
I am suppose to link to three more quilters to keep this going but I am not linking to anyone specifically. Instead if you would like to join in, please feel free to start your own
Around the World Bog Post
Cheers Marc

Sunday, August 31, 2014

some me time

As earlier on this week i had ordered a few stitchery books and unfortunately now over a week since the order was placed still no post for me by the end of last week.

Therefore was else can a girl do but ..... Saturday saw the domestic goddess was out to play if you can call washing Ironing dusting etc playing.

Today (Sunday ) was the opportunity for some me time so made a couple of itemLs. to put in the gift box


Note book cover



Notebook cover and a sewing roll. Until next time Marc


Saturday, August 30, 2014

On its way to?.....

Lets get Stitched swap theme was pamper, the guidelines for this swap was to incorporate a stitchery from Gail Pan on the front of a gift bag and included a few items to pamper your swap partner

So this parcel is on its way to

More show and tell once my partner has received the parcel

Enjoy your evening. Cheers Marc


Monday, August 4, 2014

Christmas in July swap in reverse

As from my last post this is what I made and sent to Raewyn, for the Christmas in July swap
Cheers Ma

Friday, July 25, 2014

Christmas in July swap

well the day has arrived ....

my parcel travelled from Queensland to South Australia as the parcel came from Noela, Big thanks to Noela for such beautiful gifts made with such perfect stitches and put together so neatly. Love the choice of fabrics too.
Now you don't need to wait much longer

Beautiful Christmas tree hanger,georgous bag,sweet ornament to hang on the Christmas tree and one of my favourite chocolates kit kat.

Thankyou so much Noela. I love them all and the little extra (chocolate) will come in very handy. This evening while watching TV
Thanks also to Cheryll for organising the swap, you are both amazing! x


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Post man has been today

Home late this evening, and a surprise waited on the side board, o look a parcel for ME


To my relief DH had the evening meal already,so I did not have to wait to long to slowly. Yeah sure open the parcel slowly big ha ha and wow the wrapping was in it self. So nice

Just look at this beautiful card

Oops where are my manners

The parcel was a lovely parcel sent by Alison, the theme a block keeper incorporate a stitchery by Gail pan organised by Maree

I must apologise to both of these talented ladies, still got my training fingers on I should say brain as I have not yet worked out how to add a link to names through blogsy entries on my ipad

First parcel lots of lovely goodies.

Second parcel a lovely hand made scarf

Third parcel the wow factor ..... Block keeper

The inside of the block keeper has pockets


And the finished altogether .......

Big thankyou to Alison

And thanks to Maree for once again organising a great fun swap

Cheers Marc




Sunday, July 6, 2014

Cold.... Chilly....

What did I get up to this weekend......

Saturday saw a trip to Adelaide to see the grandee's ... So a early start was first thing , bit chilly so all I can say thank you for heating in the car.

After several hours of fun and doing what DH and I love doing every six weeks spoiling the grandee's

Then a quick trip to Hettie's where the plastic card got a bit of use (chuckle)


Sunday saw a bit of the domestic queen came out for awhile....then the rest of the day was spent making a cover for a notebook from some hankie cloth I purchased from Hettie's. A lovely fabric for stitcheries

now off to have some nice homemade soup and warm crusty bread....

Tonight's agenda is to put the Pj's on and watch grand designs.....silent witness .... And get the hot water bottle on my feet that never seem to get warm lately cheers until next time Marc



Thursday, June 19, 2014

My interperation


I am in a online swap and the second project was to make a block keeper from a designated stitchery from the book "Baskets in Bloom " By Gail Pan

My lovely swap partner. Is Cheryll (unfortunately I am unable to work via blowsy how to attach Cheryll to a link. Any help would be great)

So this was my interpretation




Enclosed a few stitcheries

Until next time stay safe. Cheers. Marc


Sunday, June 15, 2014

Bit chilly

Saturday and Sunday has been a bit chilly, so what else can a girl do

But spend time keeping warm indoors. stitching

First project. Made a bag from the left overs of a quilt for one of the granddaughters, which is currently waiting for my local quilt goddess to embellish.


Then as my sewing table has gear scattered around me while I doing my thing so .....made a mat to go under bernie with pockets


Then finished the stitchery and put a very simple and plain borde the stitchery I started a few days.

as this morning I made pizzas, beef curry in the slow cooker ..... Now off to watch Mid Summer Murders and stitch the binding down on the Christmas stitchery. cheers for now keep safe Marc


Thursday, June 12, 2014

Another one

For the gift box,these cooler evenings have seen a few small items being finished of. Cheers Marc


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Bit of chill in the air

Got home after work this evening to find a nice hot bowl of homemade soup and crusty bread waiting for me.... Wow just what the doctor ordered . my darling mother in law made my day so dinner and clean up out of the way DH busy, what else can a girl do but put her feet up with a nice cup of hot chocolate and do a bit of stitching 
Hope you are all do something you like to do tonight.  Ceres Marc

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Long Weekend is nearing the End

Saturday saw a early start before heading off the local farmers market, where fresh fruit and vegetables where purchased, followed by catch up for hot chocolate with friends....but alas home again home again where the domestic goddess came out to play.
Sunday was a trip to Adelaide,where family and friends together with great food we celebrated my  number two grandson's second birthday
Today I had a bit of a sleep in, then spend until mid afternoon making a few bags for thank you / swap gifts..... Like to have a few items in my stash for times when I am unable to get that extra bit of time to make a gift. DH is making hot choc at the moment, so will sign off now....  And go join him .... He will
be watching the football and I will doing a bit of hand stitching. Hope all my online friends are having a great weekend.
Bit of show and tell .... One bag for the gifts box.  Cheers Marc 
sorry photo's are not to good ...still trying to work out some ******* on how to do a blog entry from my ipad

Thursday, June 5, 2014

One for the Postie tonight

have not been doing much on my blog lately as most of my projects have been  secret squirrel
A little tease for one. Very special  lady coming your way in the post tonight