Sunday, November 6, 2011

The last few days

After work Friday night called into the local library and picked up a kindle to read,
got a bit hooked and read 80% of a book Friday night.
Saturday up early, head down bum up got stuck into the domestic things, it reached approx 36degrees in the Riverland so the washing did not take long to dry and the ironing was done before lunchtime. 
spent Saturday afternoon in my room space in the home
Clean up a cupboard in the room and came across some fabric I have had for several years,I am sure  you could all share that feeling (chuckle)

One of the items was a honey bum roll
one and a half inch strips
and a roll of Christmas Fabrics ............ cannot remember how long along I purchased the roll of Christmas fabric????

So quick and easy sewing the pre cut strips together, but
unfortunately in the Riverland we do not have a quilt shop as such,
so I will have to wait until the next  trip to Adelaide to match a fabric to put round the squares and a another fabric to use for borders.
The fabric is a fig tree line, so I am not holding my breathe to find a shop with the range of fabric  still in store so will have to match fabrics as close as possible.

DH had to work late on a community event in the Riverland and did not get home until after 10pm so while I was HOME ALONE  I finished my book on the Kindle and started another one.
Then had a late evening meal with DH when he got home, he was a bit tired, I sat up and watch a late night movie before retiring

Sunday saw another early start, cooked DH breakfast, then he went to his Sister's to help move some furniture out of storage into her new home.

I cut the roll of Christmas fabric

into tumbler shapes

it is such a beautiful day in the Riverland today, DH got home mid afternoon, and we spent the day, chatting and relaxing outside.  

hopefully I will have time next weekend to sew the tumbler Christmas fabric together
Until next post hope you all take care ..................cheers marc

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Kris said...

What a great weekend! Reading and sewing, two of my favourite things! Can't wait to see what you do with the fabric!