Thursday, July 31, 2008

End of July Challenge.........

Peg's Challenge for five by July ........ I really enjoyed this challenge thanks to Peg and her challenge I do not think I would have the inspiration and encouragement to get right into finishing a few of the UFO's

I would personally like to thank Peg for her support and encouragement that inspired me to create my blog.

I am having a wow of a time chatting and checking out other bloggers.

Number one .............. Black and with a touch of Red (21st Birthday gift)

Number Two........... Couple of Bags

Number Three ................ Miss Hemmingway ....... Plain simple and elegant

Number 4 ...... Stars beside Stars

Number 5 .........Baby Quilt - Unfortunately deleted photos

On my blog 19th July 2008

Number 6 ............ Lifes Full of Circles

Having a day off from work tomorrow (Mental Health day) only joking just going to spend
the day, shopping ....... fabric off course maybe shoes????

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Frogs amd Lizards................

Frogs and Lizards ........... Attended a Meeting (Women in Leadership) yesterday in Adelaide. Up at 5am in the morning as the meeting started at 8.15am, and home by 5.0o pm Very informative day.
One of the many highlights (interesting) parts of the day was next to the conference room was the canteen which included this absolutely fab outdoor area where frogs and lizards have right of way.

A long one side of the wall are these lovely table and chairs settings

Along the opposite wall is this fab feature where the frogs and lizards

engage in recreation amongst themselves

Unfortunately because the weather was approx -1 degrees (other words .... cold) not to many come out to play and those that did hid amongst the foliage.Later that evening I worked on my Secrect bag / bucket swap

Just a little show and tell

I did say little????????

Sunday, July 27, 2008

I am really Humble......

Maree flattered me with the Brilliant Weblog Premio 2008 today Maree's kind words really did make me blush , I am really humble in knowing that other bloggers enjoy stopping by and feel entertained by my little stories and the trivial tales of my daily life. Now I am left to nominate others - a thing I am not good at. It is nearly impossible for me to single out just a few when I find inspiration at each place I visit. If you are reading this post, please consider yourself nominated.

Cold Wet And Windy..........

Saturday went so fast, but I have a great day, Had a visit from an quilting Friend and her DH who moved away several years ago.
She has gone cold turkey on quilting

My dear friend makes the most beautiful quilts, but since leaving, has not done any quilting.

We all had a light lunch together and laugh so much we where crying.
Later we joint up with another two couples and spent a great evening in
the local Restaurant where we all enjoyed each others company and meal.


DH and I where up very early this morning and spent some quality time together, We have a light breakfast ` with a nice glass of freshly squeezed Orange Juice'.

(Nothing like fresh Orange Juice)

Mid morning DH and I travelled to Renmark to do some shopping and in the shopping centre
their was a magnificent display of orchids and the opportunity to vote on your favourite
and win an mystery prize......

Because it is so cold here at the moment, thought I would clean up an area I have quilts in and found this one at the bottom ~ thought I would share it will you"Home is where the heart is"

Now I am off to put the heater on and work on my Bag/Bucket swap

check out Linda's blog Until next time

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Five of Five

Received my swap name for the Bag/Bucket swap yesterday - Looking forward to starting this weekend on my swap partners Bag/ Bucket
Linda has done a swell job .

Last Night also finished the binding on the Finish Five by the End of July Challenge

Really enjoyed making this quilt " Life's full of Circles" and my Quilting Embellish Guru Liz from Loxton (The Quilt Cupboard Machine Quilting Service) Has once again done a fabulous job
Unfortunately the photos do not do her embellishing justice.

View to Left hand corner

View from the middle of ......... Life's Full Of Circles

And of course a full view ~ Unfortunately the colours are not true.
I have really Enjoyed Peg's Challenge, I personally found it gave me back a little bit of my mojo (inspiration) to get some of my projects finished well done and a big thank to Peg as I am sure, that organising any form of a challenge is very time consuming.
Fell over approx 6 weeks ago and landed on my left shoulder
I have no one else to blame ~ as I left it a little long to get it fixed so the last few days I have been seeing a physio - tonight at my appointment an other client came it and left these lovely flowers to be put on the physio's reception area, I have no idea the variety of flowers but they are the most beautiful bold red.
Yes ~ you might ask ~ I do not go anywhere with out my camera
You never know ................. when you may need to capture that moment.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Another Weekend..........

Another Weekend it went so fast, but I had a very productive one, Back to work today and I am so glad I am a office worker the wind outside was so cold. Check out Debbie's blog she is having a giveaway - thought I would try my luck. Never won anything before .........but you know the saying........" gotta be in to win "

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Off Road Racing ...............

DH and I got up this morning and packed a picnic hamper for the day and headed off to Ramco approx 20 minutes out off Waikerie (Riverland Area in South Australia) approx 1 Hour drive from my home town of Glossop and Watched Off Road Racing to Mid afternoon, I must say I had a pleasant day considering it was so.............. cold, windy and very light rain showers.

On the way home checked out Lake Bonney in Barmera, Unfortunately someone thought their small 4WD could do some sand surfing, Got stuck in the very sandy part on the lake shore, the young couple, had made arrangements and where waiting for a local contractor to arrive with a cable to tow them out.

DH and I where unable to give any assistance

By time we started to head of into Berri to Visit DH Grandmother the young couples situation was drawing quite a crowd of spectator's.

DH's Grandmother is 100 years old and lives in a local home for the aged, but according to her she's not old. Apart from her sight and hearing failing in the last few months Grandma is doing find for 100 years of age.

Off to prepare the evening meal........... then hopefully finished the binding on Life's a Circle I started early hours this morning during Fiona's sleep over .

Binding #2 ..................

Sleep over at Fiona's thought I will keep Fiona company so started the binding on Life's a Circle while watching another film (3rd for the night~Hannibal)

Sneak preview ~ Hope to have it finished tomorrow ????????

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Little one's .........

Finished putting the binding on The Baby Quilt while Watching a Mc Brides

Murder mystery Movie

Oops this one should be turned around for a better view
(Please turn your head sideways)

Now off the get a cuppa (hot water) exciting ha??????

and Watch another movie ....... The Generals Daughter (John Travolta and Madeleine Stowe)

Checked in on Fiona's sleep over ..... wow is she a moving along.

Busy Day ........

Busy Day today ~ Washing , Dusting, Shopping, Vacuuming Ironing Blah Blah Blah...

Visited local Quilt shop in Loxton Trish Where I Purchased the binding for a baby quilt I am finishing for one of my sons mates partners ( Little one due in November ).

Picked up my Life's full of Circles Quilt from my Quilt Embellish Guru Liz from Loxton

(The Quilt Cupboard Machine Quilting Service) It looks fabulous.

On the way home from Loxton called in to see eldest son in Berri and Spent some time with him and his beautiful Golden retriever Jac.

Started to rain so rushed home just in time to get the washing off the line.

Isn't Jac Divine ~ still I am a bit bias

Youngest Son made homemade pizzas for tea, while I put the binding on the two quilts,

DH and YS cleaned up the kitchen and done the dishes while I get ready to start stitching the binding down and watch a Mc Bride Murder Mystery Movie will be checking in during the night at Fiona sleepover.

The back view of the binding on the baby quilt started ~ Movie not to bad

Going to have a nice cold drink be back later .

Friday, July 18, 2008

Books ...........

Over the past week, I have read the following two

books, I really enjoyed these books, I sort of classed these Nora Roberts books as a modern Mills and Boon, I usually read a different sort of book, Suspense, Crime, Murder Mysteries

( authors like Patrica Cornwall, James Paterson, Ruth Rendell)

Check out Dragonfly she is having a sleep over (blog night) sounds cool

thought I might pop in and out during night .

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Five of Five

I started my 5 of 5 Finish before the end of July Challenge, several weeks ago, I put the borders on and have sent it to be professional to be embossed (quilted)
I am hoping to have the quilt back before the end of the month,
to complete the binding. a little sneak preview.

Tried something new ~ just cut out circles and visoflex on and stitched a 1/4 inch in around every circle from the edge, I am hoping after several washes the edge will fray a little to give a well worn use look.

Until next time