Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Frogs amd Lizards................

Frogs and Lizards ........... Attended a Meeting (Women in Leadership) yesterday in Adelaide. Up at 5am in the morning as the meeting started at 8.15am, and home by 5.0o pm Very informative day.
One of the many highlights (interesting) parts of the day was next to the conference room was the canteen which included this absolutely fab outdoor area where frogs and lizards have right of way.

A long one side of the wall are these lovely table and chairs settings

Along the opposite wall is this fab feature where the frogs and lizards

engage in recreation amongst themselves

Unfortunately because the weather was approx -1 degrees (other words .... cold) not to many come out to play and those that did hid amongst the foliage.Later that evening I worked on my Secrect bag / bucket swap

Just a little show and tell

I did say little????????

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Catherine said...

How wonderful -- a spot that's frog and lizard friendly! Made me smile!