Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cold Wet And Windy..........

Saturday went so fast, but I have a great day, Had a visit from an quilting Friend and her DH who moved away several years ago.
She has gone cold turkey on quilting

My dear friend makes the most beautiful quilts, but since leaving, has not done any quilting.

We all had a light lunch together and laugh so much we where crying.
Later we joint up with another two couples and spent a great evening in
the local Restaurant where we all enjoyed each others company and meal.


DH and I where up very early this morning and spent some quality time together, We have a light breakfast ` with a nice glass of freshly squeezed Orange Juice'.

(Nothing like fresh Orange Juice)

Mid morning DH and I travelled to Renmark to do some shopping and in the shopping centre
their was a magnificent display of orchids and the opportunity to vote on your favourite
and win an mystery prize......

Because it is so cold here at the moment, thought I would clean up an area I have quilts in and found this one at the bottom ~ thought I would share it will you"Home is where the heart is"

Now I am off to put the heater on and work on my Bag/Bucket swap

check out Linda's blog Until next time

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Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Another beautiful quilt Marc...and those