Thursday, August 9, 2012

Couple of Mental health days (chuckle)

A have taken the last two days off from work and spent the time in my stitching room.
I have two beautiful grandsons,,,, so of course what does grandma do but make quilts for them.

Also a few friends having children over the next few months, so started a couple of small  quilts suitable for using on a baby capsule .

As mentioned in the last post, this is the project I am working on using Cosmo thread.

The weather the last two days have been quite acceptable for the airing of quilts, but the evenings are still quite cold.................... I am having lunch with an old school friend tomorrow,
Really looking forward to catching up on a bit of chin wagging , until next time  take care  cheers Marc    


Anonymous said...

it is freezing here Marc,cold enough to snow,hope you have a lovely time with your friend tomorrow and love your quilts,well done.xx

Maree: said...

lol Love your title..
Lovely Quilts you have been making and your stitchery is coming along too..
have a nice lunch.

Kris said...

Such a great idea, a couple of days in the sewing room! Hope your today is fun!

Kathy said...

Sounds perfect...a couple of days to sew and not work!