Tuesday, August 7, 2012

roses.... need to take the time to smell

It seems lately time gives the impression it is in a hurry, I never lately appear to be able to fit everything I have intentions in doing fitting in the day or week.  
  Things at the moment at work have settled down for a while.  
I have however a few weeks ago purchased from the lovely Maree online shop these patterns
Rosalie Quinlan Designs Scandinavian Rose and Cosmo threads

The fabric in the background I recently purchased from Hetties in Adelaide on a recent trip to see the grandchildren, As I not a true blue  pink girl  I am using these earthy tones in the quilt. 
 There is a lot  of roadwork’s on the path to visit the grandees’, slowed down the trip a bit, but I am sure when it is all finished everyone will benefit from the new road.

I did however last night while watching Heartbeat, do some stitchery with the Cosmo threads. These threads seem to sit a bit flatter and smoother on the fabric.... so far I am impressed with the thread.
Well it is that time of the day again ...................... need to go clean the teeth pack some lunch and head off to work......................Enjoy your day     Until next time   cheers Marc


Anonymous said...

have a good day Marc.xx

Kris said...

Time! It feels like the enemy sometimes. Hope you enjoy the stitching!