Sunday, August 19, 2012

some stitching

Well another weekend is nearly over................ I do believe the hours on Saturday and Sunday go a lot faster than Monday to Friday Hours.
Saturday was spent playing the domestic queen,  as the weather was a bit sunny one minute and over cast the next, therefore .part of the day was spent chasing the washing. By the end of the day all the washing was dry, ironed and put away....  
Sunday saw the weather with a bit of sunshine, so while hubby was outside building a garden bed

I spent the day indoors making a few placemats for a friend in the Christmas theme; she is together with several other ladies making placemats for a charity.  

After getting the evening meal I have intentions in watching Grand Designs and Miss Marple and start hand stitching the cross hatch pattern on them and hopefully during the week put the binding on them. Hope you had a great weekend. take care cheers Marc


Kris said...

Sounds like a good weekend. How awesome is hubby's garden bed? Just like a bought one. Hope your Monday to Friday whizzes by ready for a looooong Saturday and Sunday. (We can dream!)

Lorraine said...

Love the garden bed!.....I was out on both days this weekend which meant my domestic goddess (and sewing) time was limited....and Rose is starting to wonder who I am! Looking to take a couple of days off to remedy that!