Thursday, September 9, 2010

still no furniture

Well as you can see, still nothing happen in my quilting room. Last Friday was another day in Adelaide, with my Justice Studies Course. The weather was unbelievable , rain rain and yes more rain, the lecturer finished earlier than scheduled, so together with two other girls we went furniture shopping, and finally I found a few pieces to put in my room.

The furniture will not be available for several weeks , as you see the room is EMPTY.
feeling a bit sorry so I thought I might put something in the room (chuckle).

Would not mind having a least one more of these lovely old cases.
Had the afternoon off from work today, so had a look in some second hand shops didn't pick up any old suitcases but did found this little beauty.

A hat box the picture doesn't do it justice it is a lovely deep heritage green in colour and in great condition, I asked the lady in the store if she had any history on the hat box, she said the hat box and a few antique pieces on linen where at the back door when she got to work this morning, how lucky was I this lovely hat box only got in the store this morning.

Well got to go back to work, study night with two others.


Kris said...

Friday was wet! We were at the show. They closed the parkland carpark even! When we got back to our car we had to walk through huge puddles to get to it. Ducks were swimming next to our car! Glad you weren't drowned and I'm looking forward to seeing furniture in your sewing room!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Marc....we need you back in blogland, you need to fill that room...