Saturday, August 14, 2010

cold weather

Cold, wet and windy today, nice day to be sitting inside, reading, sewing or watching a DVD,

I wish,
Maybe in a few months time, been busy the past few weeks with the End of the financial year paperwork at work and earlier on this year went back to do some studies , it has been so long time since I have had to present assignments, but I am enjoying the challenge, only problem is I have not found a great deal of extra time to do any needlework , quilting or blogging, it is nearly 18 months since I have touched any quilting or needlework.

I am going to Adelaide in the next few weeks to hopefully find some furniture to put in my quilting room. the room is so empty . Blank canvas, Still it has only been four months since we moved in , I don't what to hurry things,(chuckle).

When I get my quilting supplies out of storage it will feel a bit like Christmas.

Well it is still raining outside, off to make a hot drink . take care


Lorraine said...

Hey you....welcome back!! Make sure you take some time out for some stitching now and's good for the soul :)

Chookyblue...... said...

have fun finding new stuff for your sewing room........looks like a great room.......

Maree: said...

Lovely to hear how you are going Marc...have Fun looking for your new furniture..yes know what it's like to have stuff in storage...the house looks like it's coming along nicely...

Kris said...

Hi Marc!

I have missed you! So glad to hear you are going to be able to get the sewing room organised. You won't know yourself!

Have a great week!