Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Again

Well it is Monday again...........and I sure did have a very productive and satisfying Weekend.......Sorry No show and tell this Posting as I finished three of my swaps ...... all three are ready for posting ......unfortunately bit to soon deadlines for posting the swaps are over the next few weeks.
But it feels great to have them finished........ so I now back to a few of my UFO's
(haven't we all got a few of those).
The next couple of days I will be quite busy at work as I am having a few days off ........... Thursday morning at 6.30am about 40 females are boarding a Bus to Melbourne for the
Australasian Quilt Convention
Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria
February 26 – March 01, 2009
Feeling like a little girl ............. only 3 more sleeps (lol)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Yes again another week has past........ Not to sure where this week went but it is Friday again.......
Had a very productive day at work today...........
DH had a nice evening meal prepared when I got home and even offered to do the dishes ......
So what could I do ..........I sure did make the most of the offer.........I managed a bit of stitching and have finished the next block from Ellie's Quiltplace Country Calender Free BOM ........
I am really pleased with the block and looking forward to getting the next block.........

Until next time ..........Cheers Marc

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Had a bit of a Wonky Day

My WONKY HOUSES free BOM from Jenny
finished my first block today I really enjoyed do this.

A merry time last night

Quiet evening so caught up on a few of the free BOM.......... finished the next lovely stitchery Merry by Gail Pan..A Christmas Wish... just love these little stitcheries....It is so just so generous of Gail to share her talent .

Have a Merry day .............

Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekend Away

Early start Saturday morning DH and I headed off to Adelaide about 7.20am ...............First stop Spotlights at Munno Para...........Then Hetties wow what a great shop for the day was still in the high 30's and very strong winds.........then after a few purchases went to
the Marion Shopping Centre ........ bit of a mistake (lol) felt like everyone from Adelaide was in there for the day(great air-conditioning) a country girl at heart ..... I could not stay very long the crowds where closing in on me so........DH and I set of for the hills towards the freeway to Murray bridge where DH and myself enjoyed a cold but nice evening at the speedway ( not complaining as the past 6 days the temperature has been in the high 40's)
Sunday morning on the way home called into in a small country town in South Australia called Karoonda with a population of 514 which had a fabulous quilt shop in the main street SA Mallee Country Connection below a few photographs of part of the inside of the store.

Sorry I cannot have a Show and Tell of any of the purchases I made ........but items purchased where for my swaps

Please have a thought and prayer for those that are going through the worst natural disaster in Australia's history. .
Hug your loved ones a little longer tonight.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hug your loved ones

This is the News headlines at the moment in Australia

The end of the world reached the Victorian mountain town of Kinglake on Saturday, February 7.Burnt out cars, many containing charred bodies, litter the road leading up to the town which now consists of a handful of still standing shops and hundreds of blackened piles of ash which used to be home to Kinglake's 1,500 residents.As Victoria burnt on Saturday, a raging inferno raced through the state's central highlands, killing at least 84 people in the area, 12 in Kinglake itself and 10 in Kinglake West, leaving the once-idyllic community a charred ghost town.

I cannot believe the devastation Victoria is experiening the worst bush fires in about 70 years.......

Wherever you are...take good care and hug for those you love.....

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I had mail

In mail today received my first month of a Ten month BOM The Pie and Tart Club by Sue Daley

Wrapped in great polka dot paper .......

Look whats inside ...........fabrics choices are fabulous

The last couple of night because of the heat ....I have been finishing off a small lap quilt I stitched during the Christmas / New Year period
so hand stitching daisy pattern over the quilt.
Now you have to have a bit of a chuckle
take in consideration it has been between 40 - 46o Celsius the last seven days (HOT HOT)
I am sitting inside of an evening with air-conditioning on
hand quilting a quilt on my lap (lol)

Dear Son number 2 comes home and Mum one of my friends saw one of the bags you have made(I have lost count of how many I have made) She was wondering If you could make her a bag .....her favourite colour is I made a quick basic pattern Last night and DS past in on and she is totally wrapped...........

Until next time off to do some more daisy stitching on my lap quilt .........I just love daisies so, simple, plain and basic .........unfortunately due to the heat my daisies in the garden are not looking to good........

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Another hot day

The weather situation, for the last 5 days has not been lower than 45c / 113F during the day , evenings have been down to approx 37C/98.6F.
I never thought I’d be using the word HOT so often and mean it,not that I should be complaining, I am fortunately lucky enough to have air - conditioning at home and place of employment.
My veggie patch and garden are no longer here both have all shrivelled, with no rain for quite awhile and water restrictions this has effected local gardens, playgrounds, picnic areas in our council area.
We are lucky to be one of the few places that didn’t lose power (so far) and I’m pretty happy about that.
Imagine the weather being so hot that it is melting parts of the road.
All outdoor sports have been cancelled.
Local shopping centres have reduced the usage of electricity throughout the stores by turning off overhead lights in the deli , fresh fruit and veg areas .
Sorry no photo to share in this posting as I have been working most of the weekend on several swap items . Must say I am very happy with the progress .
Hope you are all having a great day and keeping safe.
Until next time ....................Cheers Marc