Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hug your loved ones

This is the News headlines at the moment in Australia

The end of the world reached the Victorian mountain town of Kinglake on Saturday, February 7.Burnt out cars, many containing charred bodies, litter the road leading up to the town which now consists of a handful of still standing shops and hundreds of blackened piles of ash which used to be home to Kinglake's 1,500 residents.As Victoria burnt on Saturday, a raging inferno raced through the state's central highlands, killing at least 84 people in the area, 12 in Kinglake itself and 10 in Kinglake West, leaving the once-idyllic community a charred ghost town.

I cannot believe the devastation Victoria is experiening the worst bush fires in about 70 years.......

Wherever you are...take good care and hug for those you love.....


Leanne said...

It is really hard to comprehend.
Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm popping in (nosing around) fellow Time For Tea Swappers.

I heard the news in the UK- bad bad! Fire and floods.

Sympathies for the sewing under the lap quilt. I did a wool cross stitch carpet once in hot weather just so I could finish it off. I know where you're coming from just wanting it done. :-)

Robyn said...

Yes Marc...unreal isn't it? So sad for these folks.
hugs Robyn xx

Looking around Aussie blogs's hit everybody really hard!