Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A day to myself

Well maybe .... Very warm here in the sunny Riverland, the home is once again empty nest ... So for the last few hours played catch up and played the domestic queen and pulled the weeds out ... Now enjoying a cold drink and nice shower... Going to put my feet up and think about what I might do with these threads I picked up a few weeks ago from the local op shop

Cheers Marc







Anonymous said...

Hi Marc I hope you have a lovely day,it's going to be very warm in Portarlington today xx

Lorraine said...

Happy New Year Marc...too hot to do too much outside. I have washed everything in sight and it dried on the line in just a few minutes! Hope you get some time to do just whatever you want - the threads were a nice pick up from the op shop!

Fiona said...

The weather is nuts all over... we are having a lovely comfortable summer spell at the moment but hoping some of the rain from the North will reach us

Happy New Year