Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mixed up week with a great finish

What a mystery tour I have over the last few days,

Tuesday last week started with a visit to a specialist (for which I had to wait 6 months to get an appointment) when the specialist proceeds to tell me he has a vacancy for tomorrow (Wednesday) for a day surgery procedure. Unfortunately the 1.30 pm appointment was dragged out to later in the day. Therefore because of the time I was advised to take Thursday off from Work.

But wait there is more  2 weeks earlier, I was able to have a free skin check for cancer spots and the GP on duty found a mark on my arm that need a bit more attention, so Friday had that removed and now have 6 stitches.

DS#2 , DIL and Grandson #1 had moved to Adelaide a few weeks ago, and rang Friday night to asked if DH and I could bring down a few more things we had in storage for them on Saturday (yuk a long weekend – Queens Birthday Public Holiday  I not over keen on travelling on long weekends) so good parents we are packed the car up ( I mean packed up ) and headed off to Adelaide early Saturday morning about a hour and half from the destination, I received a phone call from my dear son, “ Mum sorry to bother you but are you going to do any shopping before you come to our home, Well I was going to stop off a Spotlight on the way , why son, Well mum it would be great if you could come straight to our home as DIL has gone into labor)

So to top off my Saturday the safe but early (3 weeks early) arrived of grandson number 2. And mum doing Ok, DH and I Stayed until late Sunday evening, and headed home where the traffic going in the opposite direction to us was full on.

Got home safe and sound late Sunday evening. Where I spend Monday, as a domestic Queen, and got a bit of secret stitching done.

Until next time – take care Marc


Fiona said...

Oh Congratulations.. that is a wonderful present for the long weekend especially after all the medical stuff going on for you.... all the best for your recovery and the growing family...

Lorraine said...

Hope all the medical stuff you had going isn't nasty stuff.....and congratulations on the birth of GS#2! Glad everything turned out OK....

Maree: said...

Oh Marc what a time you have had....Congrats on the new baby...hope all goes well for you

Kris said...

Such a busy week! And how lovely, a surprise grandie!