Thursday, June 28, 2012

Been awhile

Well it has been awhile…….  I have been busy with work and family the last few days , which I am mortified to say that, no form of any needle or fabric has passed through my hands over the previous few weeks….
I have how ever been checking out blog’s and found most of you have been busy, travelling, sewing, cooking and keeping fellow bloggers up to date on new books, fabric and products available. I must say I appreciate this as I do not have a quilt shop within my local area.

The closes shop is about two and half hours away….. Maybe if I win X-lotto………

I could open a shop (chuckle)
So even though sometimes when you are posting a blog you may thing it might not be interesting you are promoting and letting people like me know what exists out there…… thank you
My plans hopefully this weekend are to block out the world and get stuck into some secret sewing. 

Cheers Marc

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Anonymous said...

good luck for a sewing weekend Marc.xx