Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I changed my mind

A few years ago I purchased my first jelly roll - Urban Chicks 1974  so Monday Afternoon
decided to cut into strips  
 and sew into strips with every 2nd strip turned
then changed my mind and now started making
Dresden plates

hope to have 20 plates made over the next ????? days
But I have so many other unfinished project waiting to have finishing touches on them. I can hear them.....  when I go in my quilting room very softly giving me a message .....what about me ????

hope you all have a great day
cheers Marc


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Always nice to change ones the plates Marc

Maree: said...

LOL..Great Change DP is one of my all time Fav's...they will make a Pretty Quilt..

Anonymous said...

lovely projects Marc,well done and cute fabric.xx

Kris said...

Ignore them Marc! Who's in charge here? You or the works in progress? Lol! Have fun with your dresden plates, they look gorgeous!

Lorraine said...

Love the Dresden Plates Marc....looking good!