Monday, April 9, 2012

Dust and fumes

DH enjoys speedway........ so yesterday was spent travelling to Mildura to watch, Australian Modified Saloon Title.............. did have a small stop at Spotlights (show and tell later). and a stationery shop for a few  supplies
Don't you just love the neatness and colours

the stationery supply shop had a church next door with great windows

Has the makings of a quilt ?????????

Got home at 2.30am this morning.... so might have a lazy day as works beckons me back tomorrow
hope you had a great Easter Sunday and got lots of chocolate  until next time  ..... Marc


Anonymous said...

sounds like a great day,cant wait to see your buys Marc,enjoy your day.xx

Kris said...

Spotlight AND Officeworks! Sounds like a great trip!

Lorraine said...

A lazy day here ...if you call washing and cleaning lazy! Back to work for me tomorrow as well.....the Easter weekend has gone too fast...I need another holiday!