Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Where have the last five days gone

It has been quite awhile since I have been so lazy I mean idle, the last five days went so fast
After getting the basic things out the way
washing, dusting, washing, vacuuming, blah blah
cooked a few meals so I could be lazy I mean organised (chuckle)
Apricot Chicken
Mince Curry
Beef Stew

I spent the last few days .............watching several DVD's

Read 5 books

 Finished the binding on two quilts for my dear grandson

Sent my BOM 2006 quilt to Liz to embellish a few weeks ago
 and yes the quilt is back and once again Liz has done a extremely great job
stitch the binding on and hand stitched down on Friday night ( finished about 3.30am Saturday morning)
 the photo does not give a very good image off the pattern but it is great

 Quilt all finished and on the spare bed 

Oops this should have been the first photo............
The   Easter Bunny this year  left this  lovely bag full off chocolate eggs.
But due to it being Tuesday I am only able to show you the bag (chuckle)
I wonder where the chocolates went ??????

I will have to do a extra Zumba class this week


Oddbjørg said...

What a beautiful BOM quilt you have made!

Kris said...

Your quilt is so lovely Marc! Gosh you were productive! I am in awe.

Anonymous said...

Your quilt is so beautiful. And I'm sure it feels great to have it finished and in use.

Maree: said...

WOW you have been soo Productive over the Easter Break...getting sooo much done...Good On You!
I bet you can't stop looking at your quilt now it is Finished it looks Beautiful on the bed...

Lorraine said...

I think once you re-read your post you will see exactly where the five days went...you achieved heaps! Love love love that quilt....makes me want to start my next big project...but I have stuff to finish first.....enjoy the Zumba class..I am pretty sure if I did a Zumba class the others would lose inches just laughing at me! LOLOL