Friday, March 25, 2011

Home Body

Had a few days off this week, so head down I was determine to finish the BOM 2006.
Yes I have finished the stitching part, currently on the bed in the spare room, will send off to be quilted within the next few days. 

This afternoon spent some time in my quilt room sorting out a few boxes, I shoved in the cupboards when we moved in over 12 months ago and yes found another BOM   Pies and Tarts  I purchased during the demolition and rebuilding of our home,  (12 months ago where has the time gone) , I put the TV on in the quilt room the midday movie a HART TO HART movie was on in the background while I started cutting out a few pies to hand paper piece of a evening. 

Until next time take care  -  Marc


Roseanne said...

Your BOM 2006 is just beautiful.

Anonymous said...

That is wonderfully awesome! I am so inspired and impressed with that, Marc!! Ohh, I have bits and pieces of pies and tarts ... going to see if I can do a cushion first... and then maybe a quilt!

Maree: said...

Congrats on getting your BOM finished...all those late nights have paid
I have a Pies & Tarts kit too..I pulled it out recently & when I saw those Tiny Tiny pieces I put it back for a later
looking forward to seeing yours come together...maybe you will Inspire Me to get mine out again..

Maree: said...

So Sorry Marc forgot to say How Beautiful Your BOM is...

Lorraine said... the BOM Marc!! I visited Threadbear when I was on holidays recently (already it seems like a lifetime ago)....wonderful shop...and you have done a fab job of the is spectacular! Not sleeping (and some time off work) does have its rewards!