Sunday, March 20, 2011

Men go figure

Bit of adventure in the day............ up early this morning, worked on another quilt for my dear grandson, then had morning tea with the out laws oops in laws.
Had some old bread. so broke up the bread into smaller pieces and placed in a bowl outside the kitchen door, within 10 minutes had over 30 birds pecking at the bread, unfortunately every time I would try to get a good photo, they would fly away , so below is not the best photo shot, as I had to take a photo through the glass door. 

Then later in the day, DH and DS#2  decided to take the boat out for a run up river, and at the last minute also decided to put a couple of nets in to catch some yabbies.

DH does not have the best of reactions when he comes across a red back spider........usually you hear, dear to you have a moment, in a tone which sounds like he has had a accident or cut himself. So guess who has to come to the rescue and remove the spider.
But not today, I am inside making a food hamper for them to take on their boat trip,
when in a very casual voice, I hear .............. Darling have you got a minute just what to show you something I have come across in the shed.

Well I am beside myself, heart rate tripled it's beat..... hopping jumping and carrying on..................

Men carries on about a spider but not a snake ............go figure ??????????

Next post will let you know how the yabbie catch went  
Take care 


Anonymous said...

So funny that a spider is a big deal but a snake isn't!! What kind of snake is it, Marc?

Roseanne said...

I can handle a spider but not a snake. My DH love snack but he now how I fill about then screem the place down that what he get by showing me one.. LOL.

Lorraine said...

Looks like the yabbie nets already had something in them...yikes...not sure how I would go if I found a snake in the shed.....oh...and I gave up trying to figure men out a long time ago! LOL

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