Saturday, December 4, 2010

what a great day

Today DH and myself put the christmas tree up together.
We giggled and carried on like newlyweds .
Life sometimes goes full circle
we  have been married for 31 years, the first few years DH and myself put the tree up together, then our two beautiful sons took on the role.
But this year is the first year that we do not have either sons living at home.
So together with DH we pulled the boxes and crates out of storage and together put the tree up.
But wait where has that star for the top of the tree gone................... missing ?????
So together we drove into town and purchased a new star.
OOPS ???? not a good day for a quick shop...... people and yes more people ...... where did they all come from
The season to be jolly seems to bring people out in the crowds.
after some push and shove we finally got home and together placed a new star on the tree.

now off to get a light meal and do some stitching before Spooks starts on ABC this evening

Cheers Marc


Maree: said...

We've been Married for the same time & kwym about having time alone again...Enjoy it while You
Gorgeous Star well worth the Effort with those dreadful crowds...

quiltmom said...

We will be married 30 years on Boxing Day( December 26th) and our son has moved out this year too. We will have him and his girlfriend over to decorate the tree before they go off to visit her family in Nova Scotia.( It is about 4000 miles from here) so he will not be with us at Christmas for the first time. Life is an ever changing experience--
The tree looks lovely- have a wonderful holiday season.

Lorraine said...

Yep....lots of changes.....I had Rose to help me with the tree this year.....the kids will be home this weekend to celebrate the "Festival of Loz"....will get to see a couple of them at Christmas...but will enjoy having seeing them this Sunday. Your tree looks lovely...nice to have a new star for a new house!

Kris said...

Hi Marc!

We hit 28 next week. Didn't know you were a Spooks fan. Quiltygal loves it too!