Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Parcel - x 6 items

Had a beastly day today............But all got a lot better when I got home DH had collected the mail and there was a box waiting for me .

I received a wonderful collection of presents fromVanessa, my swap partner in On My Verandas Christmas swap.

Firstly, this gorgeous soft toy, so beautifully sewn and in such lovely fabrics:

Followed by a charm pack in the most fab choice of colours such a bliss (chuckle)

 A fab hand made Christmas hanging
 And the most beautiful handmade bag in such divine fabric must email Vanessa and ask the fabric range
and a great book already getting ideas for future sewing items 
 a container of the most pretty pink bath salts
 and a block of chocolate and wooden Christmas ordainment
 doesn't it just look so grand together
A big thank you to Vanessa for sending such great items and everything will fit nicely in my home, and to Maree for making the time to organise a fab swap.

Cheers Marc

oops I have forgot to change the angle of the handmade Christmas photo sorry look sideways ...ha ha


BabyG1985 said...

Christmas is such a special... busy time of the year... It seems more and more busy every year for me... having to split my time with my fella, his family, his friends, my family and my friends! It's getting too much!! next will be our own family to add to the list!! Think will just get everyone round mine then... build extension and shove them all in there so i can have some peace!! LOL xx

Maree: said...

Great Goodies there..Glad you have Enjoyed this Swap...