Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Yes I am still around

Wow is has been awhile ...........first of all belated greetings to all and hope the Year 2010 brings
health wealth and happiness.
Nothing much has been happening in the world of patchwork/needlework, I have been plodding along slowly on a few stitcheries and reading a lot.
On the new home front ..........Contractors have had several weeks off over the Christmas and New Year period. The 2ND fix contractor was on the home front this morning as I left to venture out into another hot day here in sunny Riverland approx temp is about 44 degrees Celsius (other words pretty hot) still one is not to complain I do work in a air- conditioned office.
Sorry once again no photos ...................

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Lorraine said...

wow...where has the time gone!! Hope you have had some relief from the heat...it was still hot when I left home this morning and we have had some rain so things have cooled down a bit.....hope the house is finished soon!! Happy New Year to you!!