Tuesday, September 15, 2009

On the Home Front

Once again it has been awhile since my last post, unfortunately I do not have regular access to a computer. On the home front I am the proud owner at the moment of a block of dirt, things are not moving all that fast, DH and I have in the last few weeks ...........picked out paint, doors, windows, stove, oven, rangehood, floor tiles, wall tiles, light fittings blah blah............ I have really be enjoying the process...............but remember it is early days yet (lol).
The weekend last was the first weekend that dear husband and I had off together in the last 4 months (as per last post we both have been either sorting, cleaning, storing, etc) so what does a girl do........... visit the local quilt shop.............which is closing down on the 25th of this month....bargains galore.........but you would never guess just got......... into the spending spree when a urgent phone from one of the darling sons cut the visit short so no purchases where made.

I wish to thank Maree for organising a birthday swap some months ago it was so nice to receive surprise parcels in the mail from nice lovely fellow bloggers ---- thank you all so much , I am unable to post any photos of the lovely fat quarters I received as this computer I am using today does not have access to a programme to download for show and tell. SO A BIG THANK TO ALL YOU LOVELY LADIES.


Jenny of Elefantz said...

Your life certainly sounds busy these days, Marc! I hope you had a lovely day on your birthday - it sounds like all the parcels arrived ok. :-)

Lorraine said...

Mi Marc! Hope the block of dirt sprouts some footings and a building sometime soon.....I was used to looking at Mark's block of dirt and all of a sudden there is a house (well the framework for a house) on there....His GF took her little niece to see the progress the other day and she just stood there in one of the "rooms" and said ..."this isn't a house....there's no walls or anything......".....soon little one...soon!
....wow....can't believe you didn't get any bargains at Tricia's.....hope your son is ok though.....!

Robyn said...

Good for you Marc... hope you're enjoying the getting ready stuff.
I have your PIF ready to send you.
I emailed you a while back, but you may not have recieved it.
I wonder would you please email your snail mail addy to me at:
Thanks heaps Marc!!
BTW, Happy birthday for the 12th of this month!! :D

Enjoy your block of dirt :D
Robyn xx