Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Not much happening

Starting to get things ready for the combined Garage come Demolition sale in a few weeks,not much has been happening in the world of stitching/quilting in my life at the moment.thought I would share a few photos before it gets sold or thrown out
this use to hold my collection of gravy boats

Part of my kitchen which as you can see I am no photographer extends around the corner into another area which has more cupboards, drawers and space for fridge freezer and stove.

All cleared out ............amazing......the items (plates, dinner sets, bowls) I found in the back of these cupboards

Bit dark but this beautiful set of bookshelves was full of all sorts of books
all now sorted , some given to local charities, library and the rest in storage

Don"t you just like the glare (lol)
My linen cupboards run all the way across the hallway wall

Now empty ..........

Been a bit tired lately, so just hand stitching a little of an evening
so a little show and tell below

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