Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mess is getting bigger

My surrounding's at the moment are getting messy (chuckle)........Under my verandah at the moment looks like a mini cyclone has been through.I have got a couple of trestles under the verandah ...... been putting things for the up coming garage come demolition sale below is a couple of photos of some of the gear . so much inside, curtains and tracks, bathroom, built in cupboards, doors

DH is going to start on the removal of plants/shrubs in the garden this weekend
unfortunately all my lovely garden needs to be pulled up and removed to make room for the
bull dozer to come in and push the old home down.

Also DH if time and weather permits him this weekend the pavers need to be pulled up
also to allow the machinery to get in for soil testing etc

as you can see a nice amount of pavers .......supposed I will have to supervise ..... as you can see there are quite a few pavers to be pulled up ready the garage sale.

Once again not to much happening with the quilting in my life at the moment below I have my selection of hand work ready for the nights and weekends, during the period of the new home being built .............if all goes well I should have lots of show and tell in the future


Maree said...

Looks like a Great Garage Sale you will be have progressed some...such a big job you have to do...but it will be so worth it..

Barb said...

Sounds like you have alot of work ahead of you.....

Helz said...

Hello There Marc... here to lend moral suppport ...Such a Job... I'm in awe of all those cleaned & sorted cupboards... not many here that look like that ...Lol Hope the Garage Sale goes well...