Sunday, November 30, 2008

Seniors Night

Have not been doing much in the way of needlework or quilting the past few weeks, I have other commitments this time of the year which unfortunately, brings to admit maybe that I am not as young as I use to be (lol) .
Firstly I am on the events committee within our local council and have been busy organising functions, each year the Council holds 2 events for the over 60 years of age residents within our council area. The first was held last Wednesday night ( 26th November ) and the next is this Wednesday (3rd December). Each event is catered for approx 250 Seniors Residents and approx 70 others this includes Staff, service groups and entertainers, Staff dedicate a lot of time in arranging and preparing for the events, We supply a nice hot meal of roast meat, gravy and hot vegetables followed by Xmas Pudding and ice cream, followed by a visit from Father Christmas and a free gift, followed with Tea, Coffee and after dinner mint, during the evening members of the staff entertain them.
It is a very long and tiring evening but at the end of the night, the smiles of there faces makes it all worth it.
I have not been blogging regularly but , I have found the time to check out and keep up with many blog sites (lol).


Maree said...

HI Marc nice to see you are still with us in spirit...Great Job with the Xmas Dinners.

Robyn said...

What a wonderful (yes tiring)thing to be a part of. How neat for all the seniors to benefit in this way.
This is what Christmas is all about!
Good on you girl!!
Rob xx

Robyn said...

Me seems I've been tagged and I have tagged you..I was wondering if you'd like to play along?
If not, please let me know and that's ok.
ttfn :o)
Robyn xx