Thursday, August 7, 2008

A good Day is a Day Quilting...............

A good day is a day quilting ~ I am having so much fun working on my secret bag/ bucket swap the following are few little snippets of the items I have enjoyed being creative on the last few days

It has been raining randomly the last two days, so with the weather being so wet,cold and windy I have been knuckling down of a evening doing some needlework.

We are experiencing a drought at the moment, the recent rain will not solve the river level problems ......... (but every drop counts)

It is so nice to see some green flourishing. (even if it is only weeds in some places)

Check out Peg's blog ...... what a tease (LOL) I just love these fabrics the colours are just delicious, can't wait to see the what Peg creates from this divine fabric range.

This Saturday the 9th August Quirky Quilter is having a sleepover so why not drop by for a peek at what Quirky Quilter is up to...........

Until next time Cheers Marc


Linda said...

That's a lovely preview of the bag, and a real tease. *s*

Maree said...

Looks nice & love the colours

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

wow...gee it looks good Marc...glad you like my fabric...and yes we do need the rain..