Monday, July 14, 2008

Scones (Cricket Balls)

Had family and friends visiting Sunday so I made Scones, the family looked at me as if to say better find something else for afternoon tea as Marc's scones are not one of her greatest achievements in the cooking area, the last few attempts at scones over the years has ended up with them either feeding the chooks, birds or the family playing outdoor cricket with them (only joking).
Recently one of my fellow co- workers gave me a recipe that has cream and lemonade used it the recipe and wow.

They turned out fabulous.

I could not wait to get home today from work, (clock watcher) today but the day went reasonablely quick, once again Peg from happy in quilting has been a gem with her support with my teething problems as a new blogger.

My DH has just brought the mail in and I received a parcel from Anne Bunny Hill, in appreciation of sending some books to Julia , Julia has had a great response and is very pleased. The postperson is not to sure what is going on but Julia is happy.

The parcel had enclosed a Bunny Hill Designs Pattern and a 50 square pack of

Peace of Earth by 3 Sisters

Until next time

Cheers Marc

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Maree said...

Your Scones look yummy hadn't heard of adding cream & lemonade, weird but it must work.Bet the family say nice things about them now.