Tuesday, July 15, 2008

(LOL) Oops

Oops got a little carried away pushed the wrong button .
Start again I have finished number 4 of my 5 before the end of July Challenge.
I started this quilt .............almost to embarrassed to say approx 4 years ago, so once again many thanks to Peg for the challenge which has motivated me to finish a few (at least 5).

Had a computer hic up at work today, so quickly checked out a few other blog sites and found Linda is having a bag/bucket swap looks like fun pop over and check it out.
I love making bags recently I saw a picture of a bag in a magazine, that looked like a hat box shape, so I can home and took a plate from the cupboard and created the below bag it was fun.

Top view of the bag
the green strip is a handle

Side view has a zip that goes approx 3/4 way around
unfortunately the photos do not give a full prospective of the bag

cheers ........... Marc

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Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Well you are on a roll...well done number 4...the quilt is just so nice Marc you have done a lovely job...the bag is beautiful...