Sunday, December 6, 2015

Hot .....

Sunday .... Up early ..... Why you might ask..? Well the forecast is hot today, so up early played the part of domestic goddess for awhile.... Then off to the local Sunday market.... Where local produce purchased .... But the weather was so hot that both stall holders and attendees where down.... One of the stall holders is a friend and relies on this income ....not a good day.

Currently under my outside verandah it is 42.6c. Not a cool day at ALL.?

So DH and I are not doing any paving today..... It can wait

What else can I do .... Let me think (chuckle)

Having attended a Jenny kingwell workshop several months ago .... So a great day to sit in the air conditioning and do some hand stitching

Until next time I off to get a large glass of cold water and stitch cheers marc



Anonymous said...

Hi Marc it's a hot one here today as well,yep I would leave the paving too,lol,hope you have a lovely day stitching my friend xx

KERYN B said...

Forty two that way too hot. I'd stay inside under the air con too. SHame about the market.