Saturday, October 10, 2015

Has been awhile

Since my last post......

Life the last few weeks seems to be set at ..... Go go and more go......

I have spent the last two weeks in Adelaide with DH looking after three grandchildren

Aged 4 - 3 - eighteen months while mum and dad had a well deserved break

While their break also included the lovely couple getting married - finally

Great surprise ( I must admit I was not totally surprised mother's instinct was at work)

While the two weeks with the grandees was pleasant and very exhausting I am looking forward to Monday back to work for a holiday.... Kind of forget how time consuming and tiring little ones can be.

During this period in Adelaide my eldest son and daughter in law added another addition to the clan.

Together with dear hubby we are pleased to announce another grandson .... Both mum and junior are doing great ..... Wow has things chanced since I had my boys ---- baby son Friday home on Saturday morning

So on my way home late Yesterday called into Spotlight and picked up some light weight flannel fabric and this afternoon spent time binding the edges

Also as a member of a online group FHFS

This parcel is wrapped and sent to .......?


Until next time. Cheers marc



Anonymous said...

Hi Marc,wow you have had lots going on,congrats to the newly weds and also to being grandparents again,lots of lovely celebrations going on.
Yes looking after the little ones sure does wear you out,but you wouldnt have it any other way,enjoy your rest at work,lol.
Wow Marc that is one of the prettiest bags i have ever seen,and i hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend xx

Lorraine said...

Wow...lots going on for you Marc! Congratulations on the new grand baby and to the newly weds ....very exciting for everyone! Hope work isn't too hectic for you! ....a different kind of busy!

Cheryll said...

Nice to see you once again in blogland Marc.
Lovely news about the newly weds AND a new bub. Congrats !!!
Enjoy your "break" at
Hugs xox

Fiona said...

lots of exciting news... it is fun exhausting looking after grandies and well done ot the newly weds... and congrats on new bubs... how exciting... your parcel looks amazing.. I wonder where it is off to?

Michelle Ridgway said...

Big congrats to all. How l Iovely. Yes littlies are gorgeous but exhausting. Hubby and I always say now we know why you have them when you're young lol! Someone is going to be a very spoilt FHFSer xx