Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Post man has been today

Home late this evening, and a surprise waited on the side board, o look a parcel for ME


To my relief DH had the evening meal already,so I did not have to wait to long to slowly. Yeah sure open the parcel slowly big ha ha and wow the wrapping was in it self. So nice

Just look at this beautiful card

Oops where are my manners

The parcel was a lovely parcel sent by Alison, the theme a block keeper incorporate a stitchery by Gail pan organised by Maree

I must apologise to both of these talented ladies, still got my training fingers on I should say brain as I have not yet worked out how to add a link to names through blogsy entries on my ipad

First parcel lots of lovely goodies.

Second parcel a lovely hand made scarf

Third parcel the wow factor ..... Block keeper

The inside of the block keeper has pockets


And the finished altogether .......

Big thankyou to Alison

And thanks to Maree for once again organising a great fun swap

Cheers Marc





Jeanette said...

Beautiful blocks keeper. Hugs,xx

Christine M said...

Alison has used such pretty fabrics for your block keeper. It is just lovely. Enjoy your goodies, Marc.

Anonymous said...

wow awesome parcel from Alison Marc,such a fun lot of goodies there,enjoy my friend.xx

Michelle Ridgway said...

Well done Alison. Its great to come home to lovely mail xx

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Auntie Al has done a lovely job...lucky you Marc...

Ondrea Delahoy said...

Great parcel full of lovely goodies. Enjoy!