Thursday, December 12, 2013

I am a very lucky lady

I together with several other bloggers are members of a online group
"Lets Stitch together"
organised by Maree
Last evening when I got home there sitting on the kitchen table not one not two but three parcels
so .... instantly the giggly school girl came  out to play
I noticed two parcels had the same sender address
confusion set in then
I open the two parcels

And just look at the wrapping and the gift tags are just so me
but wait ........ you would never guess who there from
yes you guess it
the wonderful

I put the large parcel (at the rear of the picture ) marked for under
 the Christmas Tree
and what else could a girl do but open one 

"Something to eat"

 Just look at that tea towel in the background
a choccy bear...... fab Christmas mug and some yummy jam
thanks Maree  - tomorrow for the next reveal.
And the other parcel
was so big and heavy ...that dear hubby thought I was acting very immature ,,,,, he is no fun
just jealous - chuckle
My Sister in law just happen to pop in around this time so.... DH decided to hide the box

but this morning I found it ....... gee   it is heavy I think I have been spoilt I had a quick look at the address and bingo is was from Bobbie
my swap partner in the  CLOSED for 2013
I have over the last few months been sending and receiving  email's from Bobbie..... such a hoot of a lady ...... well I am suppose to be on the way to work.... the temptation to open before heading off is growing but as I have a very important event to step up for early this morning I will have to leave Miss temptation to another day
have a great day cheers marc


Anonymous said...

what fun you are having at your place Marc,love your gifts,how exciting.xx

Cheryll said...

Oohh such FUN! What a wonderful way to spend some time... dreaming about opening gifts! lol
Merry Christmas :)

Fiona said...

you sound more civilised that me Marc! lovely parcels - I'm looking forward to seeing what you have in them...

Bobbie B said...

Marc ... hun .. you have to open the box ... there is something inside that really needs to be opened !!!! ... it has a card on it ... the rest you should wait to open up but this one really really should be opened up ... hugs ..