Friday, September 13, 2013

thank you

Thank you to the following online friends

Maree       Jeanette      Tarnyia         Shez

Gratitude to all you lovely ladies for your birthday wishes and gifts as part on the online birthday fat quarter  swap...... I have found homes and lots of ideas flowing to put your fabric to use...... the chocolates have not lasted long as family sure know how to sniff out my hiding places.  
Special big Thank you to Maree for taking the time to organise the swap ... hugs
Maree  - the most  beautiful civil war fat quarters, Michelle Ridgeway pattern , Basket shape pin cushion, beautiful threads , lovely lavender pouch .....

Tarnyia   -   One of my favourite chocolates, lovely scissors, the most gorgeous red ric rac  together with two lovely tone earthy fat quarters  

  Jeanette...... just look at that rose fabric thread catcher  yum yum and the chocolate ... just disappeared mmmm I wonder where that went  Dh did you happen to see a block of toblerone .... Yes dear thought you got that for me ( very funny)
and the two fat quarters that already have found a home in a project I am working on
Shez cute little cut out mad lady  and fat quarters

   thanks ladies    cheer's   Marc  


Kaisievic said...

Lovely gifts, happy birthday.

Christine said...

happy birthday Jayne...your fq birthday surprise from me should arrive soon...Christine!

Christine M said...

Lots of lovely birthday gifts there Marc.

Melody said...

Happy birthday. Hope it was wonderful.