Monday, August 12, 2013

the weekend that was

Quick one before I head out the door for another day at the office (chuckle) By the way where did the weekend go, Saturday started with a bit of cleaning and cooking, had a quick visit from my son, DIL and 2 grandsons from Adelaide...  Had a couple hours left on Saturday afternoon before it got to dark, so spent some time pulling a few weeds out, quite funny considering the backyard is all paved. The weeds seem to find any space no matter the size to settle in and BRED.Saturday late afternoon was spent in my quilting room making several projects and in the evening I enjoy watching a couple of programmes on ABC  ...Father Brown and Mid Summer Murders so hand stitching and finishing off was achieved.Sunday came all too fast, after a bit of a sleep in to (7.30am) I enjoyed a nice egg and bacon breakfast with hubby, who after brekkie had a work commitment, so what else can a girl do to fill in the time but spend the the rest of Sunday finishing off swap projects.
These where wrapped and ready to be sent out to the recipients, then realized I forgot to take photos what was a wrap became a unwrap then a rewrap, let me tell you that was so exhausting.
take care maybe some show and tell next post cheers Marc


Anonymous said...

you had a busy weekend Marc and you achieved alot,well done,what a nuisance having to unwrap,lol.xx

Michelle Ridgway said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend and they do go by too fast...nuisance having to unwrap.