Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Once again no show and tell   ….but I will have soon
I have partaken in the Friends 2013 Swap.
My swap partner, is a very charming and motivated Lady called Naomi
And she only lives 10 minutes away.   So last Friday what else can a girl do but have a get to know your swap partner lunch. Naomi is such a motivated, inspiring and delightful lady.
There a couple of benefits to having a swap partner so close….. I did not have to take into consideration the size, weight or postage costs (chuckle)
And I get to have Naomi’s company again to do the swap.
So I will have in the future a show and tell posting …..
Until then take care cheers Marc

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Christine M said...

It is great when you can meet up with your swap partner. It does make it easier when you don't have to worry about postage.