Saturday, July 6, 2013

cold cold and again cold

Saturday ...start early.... together with four other lovely ladies we all ventured out early this morning to the Saturday Markets.... we arrived about 7.45am where after one and half hours , your hands toes and faces told us we needed to move on........ you could say we where all mad to venture out so early in the morning seeing it was so ********** cold. But alas we where not the only ones up and about so early.... great morning between the five of us.... scarves, fresh produce, candles, jewellery and fabric where purchased. We all enjoyed a nice hot cuppa  and chat where between us we discussed and solved all the problems of the world (chuckle).
We parted after ways just before lunch a bit warmer.
these are my three fabrics purchases
On the home front DH.... is working today ...hopes to be home by 6pm tonight
so I got stuck into putting a crock pot on for our evening meal
Nice beef curry with rice
and made some pasties and Banana Bread
Then what else can a girl do .... I finished off a couple of small projects
unfortunately the photos are no that good
the fabric is a nice light brown linen with a dark brown stitchery
 I folded it into thirds
attached a pin cushion and scissors pouch ..... stitch little pouch for travelling
 the photo's are ready just so s*******
Remember this photo from last week well I finished this on off
and once again the photo is pretty S*******
 nice table runner
Well now off to stir the beef curry ...cook some rice and hope DH is home by 6pm
then if all goes to plan do some English paper piecing tonight
Enjoy your evening
Cheers Marc 


Anonymous said...

some lovely buys there Marc and yummy baking,gee that beef curry sounds nice i might need to make one i think,enjoy your evening.xx

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Great buys, perfect day, yummy goodies....what a day...LOL

Leanne said...

Looks like you had a great day except for the cold. It rain all day here yesterday, thunder,lightning and hale to boot.