Monday, June 24, 2013

Assistance Help

Assistance Help …… As the weekend in sunny Riverland saw anything but Sunshine

It was cold, wet and windy so what else can a girl do but ….stitch, quilt and check out other blog entries…… I am not able to currently show any of my finished items as there all for swaps……. But there will be a big reveal next month.

I spent most of last night….. while watching A place to call home ( I am so multi skilled – chuckle) trying to find a quilt shop that supplies Lori Holts Rulers.

Thimble Rulers

Half Hexie Rulers

Circle Rulers

The only shop I have been able to find online is Fatquarter shop in America; I would like to buy local or interstate….. So if any  lovely ladies know of a quilt shop I would be greatly  appreciate.
Cheers Marc



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Melody said...

So sorry Marc, I can't help at all but I'll keep my eyes open.