Sunday, May 19, 2013

had a moment

Scatterbrain...... I took my trusty little camera out on Friday morning before heading off to work and snapped away.... photos of items finished for two secret  squirrel projects.... then all wrapped up more photos to share with my fellow bloggers then of course once the parcels have arrived I will share what items where enclosed ..... Then off to work, quick break during the day a nice walk to the post office, where next week two lovely ladies will get a good-looking parcel.   Now Saturday a trip to Adelaide to catch up with the grandees, and off course a trip to Hettie’s..... Purchased a  nice pair of scissors and a few pieces of fabric , will take photos on Sunday bit tired Saturday night after getting home from Adelaide,  up early this morning went to a auction this morning, but came home empty handed, well what else to do so a few hours playing the domestic queen and helped DH  with a bit of paving outside..... Then while the Sunday evening roast was cooking... potted around in the sewing room.....   Well evening meal dishes etc over and done...... now some photos of my purchases from Hetties, now I will sit down and do a blog!!!!!!!!!!!! Just dandy sorry ladies no photos ,  no show and tell zip,nothing the dam SIM card was not in the !!!!!! Camera and I cannot find the cord to down load to the computer so once again zip, naught, nothing so hopefully the recipients of the parcel might have a show and tell and I will find the SIM card and take photos of my purchases from Hettie’s later for show and tell..... Now off to do some stitching and watch a couple of episodes of Game of Thrones ...... tally ho     cheers Marc


Anonymous said...

oohh nooo marc,dont you just hate that,cant wait to see what you made .xx

Lorraine said...

LOL ....sounds like you were busy and had fun..and I am sure the recipients of the parcels will take photos :)