Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Monday .... thats a wrap

Where did the last four days go.....? Back to work tomorrow for a holiday (only joking) had a reasonably fulfilling few days.  Spent most of the four days preparing meals in between helping DH lay pavers in the backyard. There are now parts of the body that need a good massage.... I found muscles that I did not know I had (chuckle).
 This is the first year no chocolates, not that I am complaining as unfortunately I  am one of those that I just need to smell chocolates and the hips seems to grow (lol).
 I did how ever get a bit of time late of an evening to watch the latest Bond film Skyfall and fit in a bit of stitching.
I just love this fabric, not enough to make anything to big so what else could I do but make a bag.... even the small piece left over I could not  leave, so I made a small purse.

Then very late last night ... you might say earlier hours of the morning, I made a few more Flowers...... while watching a DVD.....     Cheers Marc


Anonymous said...

well done Marc you have done well and i love that fabric also.xx

Aussie Nanna said...

Those four days sure have flown your bag and little purse :)

Lorraine said...

Wow...didn't the long weekend fly by!! Cute bag and purse! I seem to be staying up later and later in the evenings....but getting lots of stitching done...if that is black coffee in the cup it's no wonder you are up into the wee hours of the morning....! :)

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