Sunday, November 18, 2012

shorter hours .....

As a full time worker ..... I am convinced that the hours on Saturday and Sunday are shorter than Monday to Friday...... well that's what I think.... After playing the domestic queen most of Saturday,  Sunday was spent playing with fabric
from this
 to this made  into a pin cushion  

 made a few hex flowers and created
 this   sorry can not show anymore as this will be going to ??????? in the year 2013
 started a stitchery  which will be part of the above gift sending to  ???????
had a few guests for afternoon tea........ late afternoon  made a couple of homemade pasties for tea........ yum yum    ,,,,,,,,,  Now off to make DH a cuppa and get ready to watch  HOMELAND ...
and do some more stitchery work      ........ Cheers Marc


Kris said...

Yes, those weekend days seem so much shorter! I love all the blue in your photos. It's all so pretty!

Anonymous said...

yes wekkends always seem to go quicker than the week days,lovely sneak peeks Marc.xx

Michelle Ridgway said...

It does seem that way when you look forward to your weekend all week. Lovely stitching.

Fiona said...

how fun is the flower pincushion and I am in awe that you are already sewing for 2013... it looks lovely.... sadly my weekend whizzed by too.....hmmmm