Monday, October 22, 2012

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Yes that’s right it is Monday…… I am convinced that the hours on the weekend go a lot quicker then the hours from Monday to Friday……
Apart from playing the domestic queen…. I did accomplish spending time in my castle over the weekend…… stitched the binding on number  one  grandchild’s quilt ( hoping to start stitching down tonight) finished a few secret (shhhhhhhhh) project’s and started a few more………. Sorted out the fabric piles … but if I was to show you my work space you would wondering where I sorted (chuckle). Finished off two small baby quilts (suitable for baby capsules) for a couple of ladies who have become grandmothers recently.    Even fitted in some quality time with the family and spent time in the kitchen baking, some homemade pasties and quenches.
Having problems with my computer and camera… so will have a few photos in the next post…. Of my weekend stitching

 Take care  - Marc


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Michelle Ridgway said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend... Love pasties.