Sunday, September 16, 2012

Friday Saturday Sunday

 Friday night DH and I had our grandson stay for the night, He was no trouble but we both had forgotten how energetic and time consuming an 18 month old can be.  ......

Saturday saw a trip to Adelaide, where after the business part of the trip was completed, what else a girl can do but go buy material and where else but Hetties.
Purchased a nice selection of Civil war Fabrics..... To use in Sue Daley Designs (This Goes with That) hand piecing BOM .

Sunday brought great weather for you guess it..... Pulling weeds out, I am convinced that as soon as I pull one out two pop up (chuckle), still what better way to spend time in such great weather. Later in the day spent a few hours in my time out room ...... getting a few pieces together to do a bit of hand piecing tonight while watching a bit of TV.
Cheers Marc



Anonymous said...

we have been watching our grandies as well,lol,they sure do wear you out.xx

Kris said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Love the Hetties visit.

debbie said...

hi, thank you for posting a welcome to my new blog. I will be checking back to see your quilting and gardening things. I love growing things too and will be posting if I have any luck! debbie