Saturday, May 12, 2012

Small but cute

While glancing though a few blogs last night on Fiona's post,  she shared a site that has a recipe (instructions) for making these delightful small thread catcher. So  last night while DH was watching football I made one  so quick and easy and a fab idea for that little extra gift in a swap or school or quilt day fundraiser. ( I Hand Stitch my sides together)

Today has seen me playing the domestic queen......Had a busy week at work ... so I did have a bit of extra time in bed than usual, before head down and bum up got stuck into the dusting, vacuuming and washing before tackling the WINDOWS......such a joy joy off a job (chuckle)    

Wow that's a whole day there............. now off to have a cuppa  with DH ,
before it is that time to consider what to have for the evening meal.............. hope that I  will be able to spend a bit of time in the quilt room tonight  to put together a few more Dresden plates.

Take care   - Cheers Marc

1 comment:

Anthea said...

I love the little thread catcher, much more stylish than the plastic bag or containers I use!