Monday, March 26, 2012

Where does the time go

Thursday started with house work from top to bottom for the visitors and family over the next few days....... (why do we think a clean house really matters when it comes to family and friends????)

Number one son wedding Saturday so Friday was spent setting up the venue
the ceremony was held in a old wool shed on the river front in The Riverland
wow what a view the river and surroundings looked astonishing

The Deck  overlooking the river was decked out in yellow fabric together with black and white roses

and the adjoining gardens where in full bloom adding to the most beautiful  surroundings just perfect for the photos 

then off to the venue for the reception, to set up the tables
unfortunately ... not the best photo

each table had black table clothes
white chair covers together with black bows around the chairs
the white linen napkins
the middle of each table
had round mirrors with very very large martini glasses filled with clear water beads , and huge black water lillies together with a small LCD light in the glass with a touch of yellow in the menu and table numbers
the bridal table was the opposite

White table cloths - black chair covers together with white bows around the chairs and black table napkins

and along the front of the bridal table was small fairy lights
sounds a bit corny but beleive me- it was so gob smacking

Friday evening the bridal party together with in laws and out laws enjoyed a meal together before everyone head off for a good night night 

Friday night saw my family all back together, my dear sons spent the night
and Saturday morning we all had a nice egg and bacon breakfast together ..... before the house filled up with family . freinds and etc

The boys all went of for a game of golf, before the wedding,  so there tell me ???? 

The cermony was @ 3pm to be followed by 6pm reception

between this period light refreshments and cocktail finger  food was served, 
a fab idea as this also was a great time to meet, greet and mingle with the guests
while photos where being taken throughout the venue.

The reception was held at a local venue in the Riverland with a million dollar view over the river
the weather was incredible.
The cake was just unbelievable ---(chocolate mud cake) became the third course meal for the evening together with a nice strawberry sauce and fresh cream

the happy couple having a quiet moment

Sunday was spent with farewells...... family and visitors  and of course ..... dah dah the clean up ..........

I did late in the afternoon sneak in a nanny nap and could just keep my eyes open to watch the last 2 eposides of Homeland before dropping into bed

thats all folks


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Oh must have been the best gorgeous are they....

Anonymous said...

how lovely,what a wonderful time.xx

Fiona said...

sounds just lovely... congrats on your sons wedding...

Kris said...

So nice! Thanks for the photos!