Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday .....

Well where has the week gone, this time last week I had the day off to organise a few final touches before the wedding of my number one son last Saturday

And here it is Friday again.

 I have a very busy week at work …. Catching up on the paperwork so the week has seemed to fly.

Last night together with a couple of work colleagues we ventured out on a Thursday night to the local theatre and watched the movie    ….The Vow…….nice chick flick

Tonight again with a couple of friends we are off to the theatre to see …. One for the Money should be a laugh as I have read all eighteen books from author Janet  Evanovich in which this movie is based on.

 I really enjoyed reading these light hearted books and the sagas the characters got up to in the books.

I have had an urge to do a bit of English paper piecing the last few weeks, so if all goes well tomorrow I am hoping to take a drive to a part- time quilt shop in the area to see if they have any templates and papers.    (Wish me luck) 

 If not I will have to go online and order.  You know the saying keep spend local and support local ……. Sometimes it is hard to do this.

Sorry no photos this post as, the last few items I have been working on are for swaps.  So no show and tell      Take care    - cheers Marc


Anonymous said...

sound like great movies Marc.xx

Kris said...

You are having a fun time! Hope you get you EPP stuff!