Monday, February 27, 2012

Muggy and humid

....the weather this weekend of course!
 It sure was a hot and sticky here in the Riverland this weekend, with near record temperatures.
So to be really honest not too much was achieved in the stitching department this weekend.

Saturday saw the bare minimum done in the household chores being achieved,
Having had a busy few days at work, together with the weather saw me having a few hours nap time Saturday afternoon
Therefore later Saturday evening saw some of my energy restored,

I did make the most of this bit of get-up-and-go and put together the finishing touches to a very basic quilt,

Unfortunately on the basting step discovered I am about ½ metre short with the backing fabric

(Was going to use the same fabric as the border)

I will have to wait now until next weekend to take a trip to an adjoining town to visit the fabric store for a substitute fabric.

Sunday’s weather again was beastly humid, sultry, muggy and sweaty day, if was not for the fact I needed to water DH parents garden as there away for a few days......  I would not have the need to venture outside.
I did start on a swap gift............

So really this weekend, has been a very quiet couple of days

Take care  - cheers marc


Anonymous said...

lovely projects Marc.xx

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Gorgeous quilt Marc..bummer when that happens....

Leanne, Gemma, Lucas, Tony & Sean said...

Cute quilt. Bummer about the backing.