Saturday, January 14, 2012

The weather is great

Has been awhile since the last post............ back to work after a few days off over the Christmas and New Year period , Of course the fairies did not do my work for me while I was not there  so catch up seems to take most of my day time work, plus a bit of ill health has not helped with the mo jo.

I did last weekend get a few blocks for  my Some Kind of Wonderful quilt.  Now I am organised to do some hand stitching of an evening in the coming week (chuckle). 

The weather has been great to me today, spent this morning doing the home duties, then after lunch  I started some embroidery, have a few gifts to catch up on.

DH is watching the Cricket so I going another room to watch a DVD and do some hand stitching
Enjoy your evening
Cheers Marc

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Kris said...

You look really organised Marc! And everything looks so pretty! Love your fabrics.